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How to succeed with projects - MOOC +

Published: 25 January 2022

First out in NorrlandsNavet's new educational concept MOOC + is the course "how to succeed with projects". The course starts on September 16, 2022, but registration is open already now.

How to succeed with projects - skills development for small and medium-sized companies in northern Sweden.
You as a project manager are the ones who can decide whether a project succeeds or not. Here you get the tools to succeed, no matter what industry you work in.

Leading projects is about achieving results within the set time and according to given resources. It is also about being responsive, flexible and being able to handle change. This course gives you the basic knowledge to plan and organize successful projects.

You will be introduced to the concepts and principles of effective project management and learn how to create a project plan that works for everything from large projects to daily tasks.

The training is free. If participants want to take out a personal certificate, it costs about SEK 600. This is a fee FutureLearn charges.

All the university's MOOCs are available free of charge on the digital education platform FutureLearn. It is also on FutureLearn that you carry out the MOOC itself "How to succeed with projects". The time you as a participant have access to this course on FutureLearn is limited to three weeks. Once you have registered for the course, this time starts to count down. If you want to go in and start the course in advance, you need to pay a fee to access the course for a longer period than three weeks. The cost for this is about SEK 600, but then a certificate is also included after completing the course. We recommend you who want to complete this MOOC + completely free of charge not to register for the course on FutureLearn before the first opportunity with the teacher Fredrik Backlund on 16 september. At that time, you will receive all registration information and costs for both the extension and the certificate (issued by FutureLearn). You will also have access to a course room in the university's own learning platform Canvas where you as a participant get access to materials, can communicate with other participants in this MOOC +, etc.

Previous knowledge
No specific prior knowledge is required apart from experience and the opportunity to participate in digital meetings via Zoom or Teams.

No later than  12 September, registration here.

Teacher in charge

Fredrik Backlund

Fredrik Backlund, Educational Developer

Phone: +46 (0)920 492077
Organisation: Quality Technology and Logistics, VSS-PUEK, Professional Support