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Margareta Groth, Vinnova
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Bergsforsk Days 2012

Published: 11 May 2012

Three scholars from the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural resources engineering were Awarded for Best PhD Thesis, Dissertation and Thesis.

Nils Jansson
Nils Jansson, Ore geology

Best Doctoral thesis 2011

Nils Jansson, Ore geology, Doctoral thesis: The origin of iron ores in Bergslagen, Sweden, and their relationships with polymetallic sulphide ores.

Johanna Alatalo, LTU
Johanna Alatalo, LTU

Best Licentiate Thesis 2011

Johanna Alatalo, Sustainable Process Engineering: Charge dynamics in tumbling mills: simulation and measurements with an in-mill sensor.

Amanda Persson
Amanda Persson, LTU

Best Thesis 2011

Amanda Persson, Thesis: Optimization of filling process in LD