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Call for CAMM2 high-risk projects

Publicerad: 16 december 2016

CAMM2 will have an annual call for what we define as high-risk projects to boost ideas that go beyond what is described in the research plans for each work package. It is important that the proposal is contributing to the overall aim of CAMM2 and therefore we anticipate applications that qualify within core subjects of the value chain exploration-mining-mineral processing-metallurgy-environment.

The CAMM2 high-risk call has an annual budget of 1.5 MSEK. For 2017 the maximum budget that can be applied for is 750 kkr, which means that CAMM2 can fund minimum two projects.

Researchers that would like to obtain funding for high-risk projects should write a short proposal, max 4 pages, and submit to management. Applications should be in the format provided by the template below. The proposals can be for projects that run over max 4 years, but approval of budget is done by the CAMM2 Board on a yearly basis at the last steering group meeting of each calendar year (for 2017 the decision will be taken by early February).

The decision on funding of ideas will be done by the Board based on suggestions from the directors based on prioritizing of proposals by the executive committee.

Please submit your proposal to the CAMM2 Director Pär Weihed (par.weihed@ltu.se) electronically as a word or pdf file no later than January 20th.

The application should include the following headings:

  1. Summary
  2. State of the art
  3. How application is addressing the aims of CAMM2 and what part of the values chain that is addressed
  4. Project proposal
  5. Project participants
  6. Time plan
  7. Budget (also indicating if the proposal includes co-funding). Budget itemised in:
  • Salaries
  • Equipment
  • Laboratory/field cost
  • Material costs
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