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Daniel Johansson, Professor in Mining and Rock Engineering

Published: 11 November 2019

Daniel Johansson wants to understand in depth how the disintegration of rocks looks like blasting in mines. The goal is to solve technical challenges so that in the future we will be able to mine ore more efficiently and sustainably.

In countries such as South Africa and Canada, there are mines over 3,000 meters deep. In Sweden, too, we are moving towards mining ore deposits with ever-lower levels at greater depths. Daniel Johansson's research is about improving the blasting technology in order to be able to continue mining ore despite the logistical and technical challenges. Through detailed studies on explosives and their properties during detonation, he can investigate at detailed level how they behave in rock materials. Since 2012, he has been the operations manager for Swebrec, an explosive technology center at Luleå University of Technology, with research on everything from detonics to the environmental impact of blasting.

Prior to joining the academic field, Daniel Johansson worked, among other things, on step-driving - one of the few jobs that at the turn of the millennium still meant handheld drilling and loading in mines. The interest and curiosity for explosive technology research was aroused by his supervisor during the studies.

In his doctoral dissertation, which he defended in 2011, he made extensive explosion attempts to increase the understanding of fragmentation in rock blasting. Daniel Johansson likes to spend his free time with his family in the summer cottage on Trundön where he relaxes with wood splitting and gardening, for example.

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Daniel Johansson

Daniel Johansson, Professor and Head of Subject

Phone: +46 (0)920 492361
Organisation: Mining and Rock Engineering, Mining and Geotechnical Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering