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New project: Improved control of toxic fumes from blasting

Published: 4 June 2015

About the project

This project aims to improve the knowledge of production of toxic fumes from detonation of commercial explosives in rock blasting both for surface mining and underground mining. The primary goal is to support the Swedish mining industry and tunnel-contractors as well as the explosives manufacturers with results and recommendations on the use of commercial explosives in order to minimize the staff exposure to toxic fumes and optimize the re-entry time. A secondary goal is to achieve a better matching of explosives to ground in order to improve blasting results which also reduces the blasting fume production and the environmental footprint. With these goals the industry will improve the sustainability, productivity and support for development of new explosives.

Project execution

The research project is carried out by senior researchers in co-operation with technical staff from industrial partners.

Figure 1: Layout over project execution 2015-2016
Figure 1: Layout over project execution 2015-2016




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