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Face to Mill
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Face to Mill

Publicerad: 13 november 2018

Improved production efficiency in open-pit mining

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Objectives: The main objective of the proposed project is to increase the overall production capacity in large open-pit mining. This is done by adapting the findings from Face-to-Surface I, and extending the project scope of the production optimization to also include the mill performance. To improve the knowledge of how varying rock mass characteristics can be controlled with adaptive blasting technique and procedures, to optimal fragmentation through the mining chain.

Methodology: The suggested methodology involves extensive machine and operation monitoring, where a big-data approach is suggested. All partners involved in this project will contribute expertise through work packages. Regular meetings and workshops have been identified as a successful tool for reducing lead time to implementation and distributing new findings. In addition, a number of journal and conference papers will be published throughout the project.

Expected results: This proposal aims to suggest an overall optimal fragmentation through the mining chain, develop a technique for adaptive charging of explosives based on rock characteristics and reduce total energy consumption for the mining operation.

Contact person:

Ass. Prof Daniel Johansson daniel.johansson@ltu.se