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Swebrec’s project portfolio


Epiroc, Boliden, LKAB, LKAB Berg och Betong and Nordkalk

Project/ Objectives:

Detonics and performance of explosives in rock

Objective: Use the explosive optimally by controlling the energy-transmission from explosive to rock

Optimal fragmentation in blasting

Objective: Validate and improve earlier blast design curves for quarries.

Model for benchblasting and primary crushers in open pits

Objective: Design blasting in different geologies in the Aitik copper mine, so that the throughput in the mill increases.

Controlled breakage in sub-level caving

Objective: Improve the ore exchange in the sub-level by blasts of good fragmentation of the ore with small deviations between the blasts

Blast damage in drifting and tunneling

Objective: Minimize the blast damage in the remaining rock

Environmental effects due to blasting

Objective: Minimize the environmental effects due to detonation failure, operation and handling


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