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Abstract, network, technology, background Photo: Pixabay

Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence at Luleå University of Technology is a special organizational structure for close collaboration between the University and external partners in business and public sector. The aim is to develop and utilize skills in a particular activity through research and development.

Through collaboration form research center strengthens the university's role as a resource to the world. External parties involved in the problem formulation and project descriptions. Third parties can contribute resources to the project. Center formation can also be a platform to seek research funds which require interaction with external parties exists. In addition, external parties involved in the project with their own work.

The activities of a center should include both academic depth and academic breadth. Preferably, multiple threads within the University or from other universities / colleges included in the Centre. The external parties to be included in a center will create good conditions for the quality and breadth of the business.