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Anders Lindelöf
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Anders Lindelöf

Published: 3 September 2019

Programme: MSc in Civil Engineering with GIT specialization

Hi Anders, you are an alumnus of Luleå University of Technology and the MSc program. Want to tell us a little about what you are working on today and what has taken you there?

Today I am a technical director in the municipality of Huddinge, which means that I am the manager of the Environmental and Building Law Administration. Prior to that, I worked mainly in other public organizations, for example, as surveyor and within a municipal association that supplies drinking water. I think that education itself is something that has helped me, but I think above all that I have learned to cooperate and collaborate with others.

Have you benefited from your education in the work you have today?

Absolutely! I have got a very good width and base to stand on. A civil engineering degree opens many opportunities.

What was the best thing about studying at LTU?

Many things were good at LTU and when I look back on that time it is definitely one of the best periods to date in my life. I got to know lots of new people, some of whom are my very best friends today. Then I met my wife, Annika, there too. In addition to this, I think the classroom teaching we had at that time was great. Finally, I love winter with snow and winter sports. Have probably never skied as much as I did then.

During your studies you started STIL's ice hockey section, tell me about it?

Yes, StiL was missing a hockey section when I started -97, so I heard with Inger who was in charge of StiL then, and she said - "go"! So I advertised a little on campus and then we started. It was extremely spartan at the beginning where we borrowed together for training jerseys, borrowed match jerseys and begged grinding of the opponents. This spring we had our 20th anniversary and you can safely say that the development has progressed. The good atmosphere, however, is similar!

Do you have any career tips for students going into working life?

I am convinced that when you thrive and develop, you do a good job. Good relationships and good results are appreciated by customers, colleagues, employees and clients alike. The best thing about your career is probably to choose a job you like and change jobs when it is not.

How do you see the future, what are your plans?

Right now it is very unclear what to do in the future. I need to think about what I really want and what I'm good at, but something in leadership or business development I'm pretty sure it will be.