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Jens Kallin is a LTU alumnus who, in his thesis at Technical Design won a Red Dot Design Award for Braille printer Braille box. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Jens Kallin - Mechanical Designer at Ericsson

Published: 19 May 2011

Education at LTU: Master in Engineering Design

You graduated with a Master of Science degree in the field of Industrial Design in June -10. What are you doing today?

Since the end of November last year, I'm working at Ericsson in Stockholm. There I post of mechanics and designers working on products for telecommunications. I really like working at Ericsson and my services are broad, I'm working through the entire development chain, from initial sketch through to final product.

Have you benefited from your training in the job you have today?
I have had very little use of my training. By education, I have both expertise in product development and general knowledge in many areas. This has me very useful in my work when I well may act as project manager and expert in mechanical design.

What was it that made ​​you got your current job?
I think it was a mix between education and personal qualities. Ericsson are looking for people who are driven and curious and wanting to learn and develop in multiple areas instead of those who have expert knowledge in a specific field.

How do you think of study have been?
I am very happy with my college in Luleå. It's been a good mix of social activities and schoolwork. After meeting with colleagues who have studied at other universities, I have noticed that the community one has with his friends in the catalog is very special. The advantage of being far from home, many do not go home so often, you become like a little family of his own up there in the dark:).

You were awarded a Red Dot Design Award for your ex-job where you are with Max David Erickson designed the Braille box, a Braille printer, what has happened on the job since then?
Braille Box, work continued on the Index Braille, they keep on with the run and will be releasing the printer in June. Me and David have not been as much the past six months, but only served as a consultant. At Ericsson, there have been plenty. Where the rumor spread very quickly after one of my managers had seen the article in Expressen. Then after the interview on national television, I have been interviewed by Ericsson globally and been congratulated by lots of managers and colleagues. There are still people who come up to me in the hallway and say they have seen me on TV. The price has meant a lot to me since I have had a wide network and a stamp that I have done something good.

Looking back, is there anything you would like to say to would-Tech design students who may want to think about for future studies?
Try to get on and participate in various activities and events during their studies. It need not be time consuming, doing things you enjoy. There are always people who have various projects underway and companies who are happy to support students. All contacts with working life is important, this is very valuable when you then apply for a degree or job. One thing I can really recommend is the Summer Design Office Design Open, two things where you have a lot of fun while making good contacts.

How do you see the future? Plans?
I look very bright on my future. If I look 3-5 years ahead, I developed at Ericsson, it is an exciting company with lots of opportunities. Ericsson is in the starting blocks to build its own industrial design department and it's something I want to help. So I'm really looking forward to the years when I both want to develop myself and my workplace.


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