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Per Emil Back - Tech Center Manager at Gestamp R&D

Published: 3 November 2016

Programme: MSc in Mechanical Engineering

You currently works as a Tech Center Manager at Gestamp R & D, would you tell us what you are dealing with and what the best thing about your job?

Tech Center is one of four divisions within Gestamp R & D in Lulea. Our work is between product development and production, where we analyze the products regarding how and if we can produce the details and what we can do to achieve the optimum design for production and cost, while we are to achieve customer requirements.

We work with body in white parts, ie parts of the vehicle body structure and within it, we work with several techniques, but mainly we focus on stamping technology which was invented in Luleå and since then expanded and used by most automakers.

What I enjoy the absolute most with is that we work in a very international environment at the same time is very fickle. We work with Gestamp colleagues worldwide, while customers who are close to them. In the morning you can sit and discuss solutions with Japanese automakers, for the next moment to analyze the details for a Swedish customer, and then end the day with questions from a factory in Brazil. My team manages over 700 projects per year and our basis is the technical basis for the project We offer international, so it gives us an enormous drive in our work and it is also an environment I really enjoy being in.

What did you study at Luleå University and what was the best with your studies and student days?

I studied mechanical engineering with specialization machine construction. When I apply to university, I knew I wanted to work in the automotive industry and in project form. Although thoughts turned a bit while studying so I reached in the end there I had in mind and is very happy in the present situation.

When I think back to the study, there are some things that stand out. Pure academically so I appreciated all the exercises we had, it got me thinking and knowledge stuck. Then I appreciated even Sirius course we read last year, I had to push issues and define the very self, very instructive.

Then I appreciate activities around the university, it happened very often. I myself was active in the Alpine style and has many fantastic memories of trips with other students.

Would you give some tips to the students who will enter the labor market?

The foremost I would say is daring to seize the opportunities that arise. You will always get chances that pop up here and there in the world of work and it is easy to think that "where I had wanted to do, but perhaps not quite the situation right now." It's easy to get caught up in the tank and there is always something that can hold one back. It is better to take the chance and let it bring an in interesting new ways.

Then to make the transition from student life and working life is always an adjustment, but we've all been there, even the recruiters sitting and interviewing you or the manager looking to hire you. Try to focus on what you want to do and what you can bring to the service and, above all, be sure to be yourself.

How do you see the future and what happens next?

I moved back to Luleå and took office in April after four years abroad, so right now it's focusing on getting into routines and see what I can do to develop our team here. At the same time we also try to find a way back into life in Lulea. It feels good and it feels like Lulea has grown while I have been away, very new and exciting.

Then you never know what happens in a few years, I try to practice what I preach and take advantage of opportunities when they come ....