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Ramin Jahangiri

Published: 15 February 2018

Programme: Real Estate Brokerage Programme

Hello Ramin, you are an alumn from the Real Estate Brokerage Program . Can you tell me a little about your work and what has taken you where you are today?

I work to help people in their biggest business life as real estate agents and run the reputable brokerage agency Edward & Partners. What I do besides being a real estate agent is that I'm an entrepreneur. The company I bought in October 2016 had 11 employees at the moment and today we are 32 and we have signed 16 new brokers so we grow so it's cracking! In addition, we have opened our other physical offices, in Sundbyberg / Solna.

What has taken place here is that I have been recognized as one of the highest performing brokers of time in the time it has been merged through the ages of the kingdom.


What do you think was the best of your time at LTU?


The best thing about my time at LTU was clearly the teachers (almost everyone), haha! No, but I'm going to be honest and say I only finished an exam in my first year, I was wrong. Once I took it seriously, I also saw that I needed help. Had not had my license in 2013 unless it was because the teachers devoted so much time. Blame what a one-time event! Inspirational and something that makes me a proud ambassador for LTU. But then I appreciate the diet as well. The food served at school was the clock. The little one got under the library, with the warm staff there was also super! I always got such a good energy from those who worked there.
Today I'm a little bit small, but have to admit that I was really well-trained during my study time at LTU. I would like to thank STIL for that. 😊
Best of all, the school owns an island! Haha no, but it felt like it and I loved it! I loved it was almost just students who lived and moved around the school. The creation of a wonderful security. I enjoyed it.



3. You have won the award "The Broker of the Year" on four occasions. Do you have any "insider tips" for our students who are on their way to working life about how to succeed in your industry?


There are many factors behind my success as a broker and it's not easy, because then all real estate agents had done it. But what can be "touched" so to speak is my drive, my passion and my ambitions, both in life and also as real estate agent. I've always set goals, where I can only compete against myself and nobody else. This means that I always know that I set levels that are top levels. We measure brokers in net sales. Average is 1400,000 in the country and I have taken 10,000,000 a year since I started my career, where I took the flight from Luleå down to Stockholm and won the prestigious title "Sweden's Real Estate Agent Sweden". It's something that never happened before, that someone's first full year performs best in the country or performs the level I did. There are many hard values, such as being the first and last, sales engineers, business sense, key figures and energies to become the best real estate broker. These I have seen to master. But I had never managed without the warmer values, such as empathy and professional pride. These are at least as important.


4. What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to continue developing the country's coolest real estate broker in our brokerage agency Edward & Partners. We will be more and bigger and constantly work hard to be at the forefront. But I have also invested in a few other startups where I see that my skills are needed. The great thing about managing sales is that all industries need it and you are a PhD student in the subject, making it easy to find people who need your help.