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Therese Petersson is an LTU alumni
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Therese Petersson - Logistic Coordinator at IKEA

Published: 9 September 2011

Program: Business Administration with specialization in industrial logistics

What are you working today?
I read Industrial Economics at Luleå University of Technology with a degree focusing Industrial Logistics. I also had a year of study at a university in the U.S. during my LTU years. After graduation I started working for Findus AB. There I worked first as a Demand Planner and was responsible for forecasts of one of their two businesses. I also worked as a Supply Planner, which meant I was purchasing manager for a large area of raw materials for production and there are other tasks was to include optimizing inventory and implement VMI solutions, together with Findus suppliers. My time at Findus was both exciting and instructive. I was offered a job at IKEA Logistic Coordinator, which I started during the spring of 2010. Here I am responsible for launching a product globally and to optimize our global supply chain. I works with continuous improvements in our supply chain and optimization of our product from a logistics perspective. I actually have a colleague who also has studied at LTU before me who read Science and graduated in 1992 and she always speaks warmly about his time in Luleå and the university. I really enjoy working at IKEA and think it is a great company with great opportunities for development.

What do you think was the key to me you got the job?
Crucial for me I got the job is probably a mixture of different factors. Of course it plays a major role that I have the academic background I have. Then the way it's probably even up to that I have a varied resume that matches my personality. It is of course always important to prepare both for their application and personal interview, as much as possible shrill spirit and service company.

Do you have s ome advice to anyone who wants to work with similar work r?  
Logistics is exciting! If you feel that it attracts, but not really sure that there are logistics to study and work with so try to read a basic course, try to get a school project in the field of logistics, examine whether there is an opportunity for study / an internship / or summer job with a company with strong logistical links. What has attracted me most about the subject area is the ability to influence. By working with logistics, there is the opportunity to work with continuous improvements, optimizations and efficiencies. Logistics is measurable and thus also fun because it is relatively easy to see the results of the work you put down. Within the logistics so happens there is always something and it may be high or low and can be narrow as wide. Sometimes it can be very stressful and fire, with a proactive approach, one can always make a difference. If you are interested in working in a fast-paced field with varying content so are the logistics right. Think about what it is you want to work with and focus on it. Read the training that attracts you and do what you enjoy. I think you are best at their job if they find it entertaining and motivating.

What was the best part of studies at the university?  
The fact that I chose to study engineering, it was probably the best thing about studying at the university for me it is a technical university. I think the quality of training was good and I was fortunate to have many talented teachers and lecturers. The staff in general have always been pleasant and accommodating. I think it may be advantageous to study at a small university where the campus is concentrated in an area like Porsön is. This gives a personal feel of the university where everything is good overall and there are no direct distance. At LTU ran always on the students and teachers from different programs and it was easy to get to know people with different orientations and interests. I got on really well and had a fun study. Geographically it means to study in Norrbotten that is very close to nature and has of course a real Swedish winter. Opportunities for winter activities are plentiful. Many people unfortunately miss the really nice summer in Luleå. Lulea is after all one of Sweden's sunniest cities. Norrbotten is exotic, with the winter includes the northern lights and midnight sun in summer.

Do you have any advice to future students?  
Are you out of the academic world of work, it is important and a great advantage to have an education in his "backpack". Read what you are interested. Take it for what it is. However, it is important to examine what you can work with when you are finished with your chosen training. If you are not sure which way to go about it may be better to take a studieupphåll and get another life experience while you are thinking about it. When I chose the field of study, I began to think about just "what I might be working with when I grow up". Are you sure about this so you can always turn to a counselor or the like that can probably help you with guidance. Once you know what you want to read, my advice for you to enjoy being a student and try to absorb as much as possible of both knowledge and experience.Balance in life is important to me and when I was studying so I combined LTU studies with a few extra jobs and athletes at the elite level. In this way, I had great variety in my life and a resume with many different elements which I think has been the major contributor to that I have got the job I have searched.

What are your results from your training today?
I use my education every day. What I think is the most important thing you learn in college is the knowledge to develop and analyze information. The reality is quite far from textbooks and everyday is more or less different from yesterday. When you leave university and start work starts another part of the school of life. The advantage of having an academic background is that you have a large data base to stand on and you know how to find and analyze the information they seek

How do you see the future?
Today I work at IKEA, which is a major international company with great breadth and offers many different opportunities for their employees. I see a bright future and will focus on what I find inspiring, learn and try to contribute as much as I can. Perhaps I will one day in the future try to start a business if it would feel right. Knowing that you developed is a motor of life and drives me as most of them forward to new adventures ...

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