Civilingenjör Väg- och vattenbyggnad
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Video interviews

Published: 1 April 2015

Name: Daniel Lennartsson
Education: Master Programme in Civil Engineering
7-month internship employer: NCC Gothenburg
From: Trollhattan

"One of the major basketball cities in Sweden"


Name: Mats Kahlström
7-month internship employer: Lyse, Stavanger
From: Gotland

" The 7-month work placement - it is nice to have a slight edge"


Name: Mailn Johansson
Employers: Skanska-Vinci
From: Skane

"Hallandsåsen must be frozen in order to be able to get through"


Name: Emelie Eriksson
Occupation: NCC Construction
Location: Gellivare


"In South Africa we hired a bus and visited their Soccer arenas"


Name: Henrik Silfvernagel
Occupation: Geotechnical engineer
Education: Master Programme in Civil Engineeringr
Employer: ELU
Location: Stockholm

   "... have been in Riksgränsen so many
 times that I lost count ... "


Name: Jonathan Brattberg
Occupation: graduate student
Education: Master Programme in Civil Engineering
Employer: WSP
Location: Stockholm


"... which university is located longest away from Uppsala, I thought ..."


Name: Olle Kvick
Occupation: Student
Education: Master Programme in Civil Engineering
Location: Luleå