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Emma Laiti
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Emma Laiti

Published: 7 March 2018

Programme: Health counselor

Hello Emma. Congratulations on your success in the Master Chef on TV4. It is very exciting to follow you and you greatly impress. How was it really to compete in cooking?

It has been a fantastic experience in every way, incredibly strong. I like challenging myself and getting out of my comfort zone. It's only now that I realize what capacity and knowledge I have. We compete in cooking, but we must also manage the press for which we have been appointed. I who are a control freak have got a lot of work because I can not control what's happening, for example, not knowing what the next race means.


You are an alumni from Health Science at Luleå University of Technology and you can see that healthy foods are reflected in your cooking. Have you had the use of your knowledge from the education of your jobs and when you cook?

I have benefited from my education in many different ways. Mindfulnesstänket has been very important to participate in the competition. Focusing on being here and now has taken me a long way. I have always been interested in health and how important the diet is to get the best results and make you feel the best.

How do you look at the future, what are your plans next?

It will be fun to see where your participation in Sweden's champion kock will take me. I hope to make more cooking on television and I also have an idea for a cookbook. I am fond of good ingredients and the importance of it for the best results in cooking. I have already received requests to host guest at different events. I have also started a blog and also have a YouTube channel.

Great luck to Emma!