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Henrik Storm
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Henrik Storm

Published: 3 June 2020

Education: Master of Engineering Technical design

You are an alumnus of the degree in Civil Engineering Technical Design. Want to tell us a little about what you are working on today?

Absolutely! I work mostly with press-hardened products for cars and trucks, which is Gestamp's most important product and perhaps also the most important type of body components globally for cars with high demands on crash performance. This includes examining the products from a manufacturing and cost perspective and designing the best manufacturing process for them.

just those products. In addition to that, I also work with other exciting new technologies and materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber and new advanced steel types. The job is very varied and offers great opportunities to learn something new every day. Since I have a great love for vehicles, one particular thing I like about the job is that you can follow the automotive industry from a much deeper

perspective than would otherwise have been possible.

You have worked some abroad. Can you tell us a little more about it?

I was posted as an expat by Gestamp on two different occasions and in total there were three different cities that I was based in and 3 years outside Sweden's borders. It is something I can recommend to everyone to try as it provides experiences that cannot be gained if you work in your home country all your life. The main purpose of my overseas stays was mostly to join and start up new departments but also to get closer to the customers in order to be able to engage in closer dialogues with their

designers and other features.I have worked in Shanghai, Tokyo and Detroit and all three cities are fantastic in their way with very exciting history and culture as well as opportunities to do things that would otherwise have been thousands of miles away.

What tips do you have for all students who dream of working abroad?

Two tips, which probably apply whether you work, plug or vacation abroad, are: Do not believe that everything will work just as well as in Sweden and do not get upset if it does not because there is nothing you can do about right now (we are fortunate to be here because we are at the forefront in terms of social functions and technology) and learn to take advantage of the benefits of the new country and learn

you appreciate what is good about their culture, because then everything becomes so much more pleasant! As a crash example, living in China is difficult if you think every restaurant should have meatballs with lingonberries on the menu, but much more fun if you can eat food from Shanghai, Hunan or Szechuan cuisine.

It is tough in the beginning but it gets easier the longer you stay, and especially when everything starts to flow with work and social interaction, everything becomes very much easier. For me, it took a few months before I started to feel warm in my clothes. Never give up, try to be as positive, social and outgoing as you can and don't be afraid to try new things or hang out with people who don't seem to be

the friends you have at home.

Have you benefited from your education in the work you have today?

Yes very much. I would probably say that I have benefited from everything.The most common things that occur to me are probably CAD, physics, material learning and presentation technology, mathematics, product development methods and construction.

Do you have any career tips for students going into working life?

For those of you who are about to land your first job after school: Add a lot of resources to your job application (resume, personal letter, etc.) it gives you more than you think (!) And try to make personal contacts with those responsible for employment, call and talk to them rather than send mail. Then after that it all depends on what kind of career you want to do, if you want to work on technical things, do it, if you want to lead, lead, etc. You must usually show that you are suitable for a task before you are assigned