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Jacob Berglund - alumn

Jacob Berglund - Product C More

Published: 30 March 2017

Programme: Industrial and Management Engineering

Hi Jacob. You studied Industrial Engineering at Luleå University of Technology. What was the best thing about your education and to study in Luleå?

The Community clearly. Interacting with people from many different courses, which are also immigrants from many different places, it is a matter of course in Lulea, unlike many other universities. I have been able to create a very wide network of people in different roles and in different industries, which I take advantage of both their careers and side projects I run. There is always someone I can ask for advice and get valuable input from. Moreover, it feels really great to have friends all over Sweden that I can visit the adventure. Lulea students are good at spreading out all over Sweden after the training and take on challenges outside Stockholm.

I also appreciated the commitment by the University. You really want to create a university in the top class and a really good student. We started up several initiatives under study that the university went in and supported financially to revive. It was incredibly fun to face the positive attitude and the willingness to develop from the university management side.

What are you doing today, and what do you think made sure you got your job?

I work as a product manager on the C More responsible for product development of their digital platforms; web, mobile and table drops, Chromecast and Apple TV etc. It is a series of events that led me to work. A large network led me to a good first job where I got great responsibility right from the first day. Through it I learned in the early years opened new possibilities of C More, and by doing well through a series of good delivery, I got confidence in the role I have now.

What have you worked with before?

After university, but before C More, I have worked as an IT management consultant at Netlight. There I worked in different areas such as IT strategy, feasibility studies, procurement and product development. I have had assignments in several companies in various industries, such as media, gambling and education. Working as a consultant with the right company is a great way to learn a lot in a short time. It occurs very naturally when under high time pressure thrown into different types of assignments at various companies in different industries.

During my studies I worked at GKN Aerospace, Scania and Byggmax. I tried to work in quality, logistics, finance, procurement and innovation consultant. It gave me a lot of different perspectives on how a business works and I feel that understanding has helped me a lot so far in his career. I also ran a club concept in cooperation with clubs in Luleå and started a small healthcare company that I drifted to the side of the end of training. They own the projects are the ones I learned the most from, and are probably also those who have been absolutely the most fun to work with.

Do you have any advice for students who are going out to work?

Learn how IT and network much. It will open a lot of opportunities if you dare for you and challenge yourself. Also think about what your strengths are, and look up to the role and company where you have the opportunity to take advantage of the strengths and get the help that is constantly evolving. Dare to go other ways than as everyone else does, and do not listen to others about what you should do. Not me either : - )

How do you see the future, what happens next?

Now it's full focus on making C More to the largest Nordic streaming service. We have many exciting things in the spout and is growing a lot faster than the market. It will be an incredibly exciting journey to be involved in shaping.