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Jakob Levander
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Jakob Levander

Published: 5 December 2017

Programme: Master of Science in Road and Water

Hi Jacob. You are an alumni from the Master of Science in Road and Water at Luleå University of Technology? Do you want to tell me a little about what you are working with today and what took you there?

Today, I work as Regional Manager at WSP Byggprojekttering and is in Stockholm but also has a group in Uppsala. As regional manager, I have overall responsibility for approximately 110 designers in house construction and industry. The work is largely coordinated and planned for the region in the longer term. My first contact with the profession as a construction engineer was through internship and graduate work. My first job was relatively short, but I had a dream of working internationally, which was not possible with the employer I was at. So after a change, it went from dream to reality and I moved to London to project a pharmaceutical factory, then went to Russia with a project in Siberia and a project outside of Moscow and then to Portugal for further projects. Meanwhile I was in Portugal, I was asked to start as a group manager and it felt exciting so I hugged it. I experienced an incredible kick when I got everything in place and the group worked as a unit towards the same goal but after a while I wanted to try to lead a larger business and through a job change, I was given the opportunity to enter as head of department which then evolved into the regional manager role I have today.


Have you benefited from your education in the work you have today?

Yes, almost every day. Mainly, it is about being able to help customers with their early stages, but also to assess complexity in requests, to solve misunderstandings and claims, but also to understand and help employees stuck in issues and needs to move forward. To have a technical understanding, I see one of the pillars of what I'm working with.


What was the best part of studying in Luleå?

When I think about the time of study, it's primarily the social life and the friends I got for life that comes first. But also that the teachers were very present and committed, they were easy to get in touch with and took the time to help the students even outside class time. I also remember the school's close cooperation with industry. Having after a few years in my career realized that LTU is also very respected within certain branches of my industry feels extra fun.


Do you have any career tips for students going to work?

As a community builder there is incredible amount to do and it seems to last a long time. With higher education in the luggage, you have all the conditions for success and for fun at work. In addition, the construction industry is undergoing a change of technology with many exciting challenges around the corner. So do not be afraid, dare to bet on what feels a bit scary but understand your limitations.


How do you look at the future, what are your plans?

I am very pleased with my career choice and I had the opportunity to choose if I would choose the same again. In addition to all the fun and exciting projects I've been involved in, I have had the privilege of working internationally and I would like to develop more and more in combination with leadership. I will continue to do my best, learn new things and have fun at work and see where it's going to be in the future.



Name: Jakob Levander
Age: 41
Living: Kungsängen, Stockholm
Occupation: Regional Manager WSP Construction

What did you read at LTU ?: Road and Water, Master of Science