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Joel Forsberg

Joel Forsberg - Digital Strategy on Meramedia

Published: 22 May 2017

Education: Master of Business Administration

Hi Joel. You are an alumni from the degree in Economics at Luleå University of Technology? Would you like to tell me a little about what you are working with today and what took you there?

My career started as a professional poker player really the day I graduated from college. Poker was really the funniest thing I knew, and it went really well. Strategy, winning instinct and analysis suited me perfectly. After a number of years, I felt that I needed to broaden my views and I chose the Master of Science degree program, as I have always been fascinated with how money affects and how everything is dependent on finance and finance. A bonus guide was actually because I wanted to meet a girlfriend, and at university there should be many smart, interesting people, I reasoned. I'm going to marry an alumni this summer as I met at school just over eight years ago =)

When I graduated, I played poker for a while before I started working on a big bank. There was nothing for me so I chose to live on the poker money and start practicing on Happybooking which was an interesting start-up. My duties were primarily to handle digital marketing. When I showed that I mastered the data, I was recruited by the parent company Meramedia.

Have you benefited from your education in the work you have today?

Absolutely. As a digital strategist, I have had the chance to lecture and work with workshops, which requires a habit of presenting to people. With all the presentations we performed and the feedback we received, I feel much more comfortable than I had otherwise done, to name an example.

What was the best part of LTU?

In addition to all the exciting people, I was very pleased to be involved in the Economics Division, with all the knowledge and inspiration it gave. Another detail I appreciated was that the teachers held their office door open for discussion, if the situation demanded it. The vast majority of teachers were amazing, and I must mention Kent Nilsson and Olle Hage who are personal favorites. Extra big thank you to you!

Do you have any career tips for students going to work?

Do the degree work for a company that you may want to work at. Since you will deliver good results, they will not feel that there is a risk of hiring just, they already know you are good.

If the exam is already a fact, I recommend thinking about what you really want to do and make sure to really try to get there. It's easy to search for a job somewhere where you really do not want to be there for a vacant job there. It should be plan B, and not A.

How do you look at the future, what are your plans?

I want to learn how to keep in workshops and lectures so great that I surpass our customers' expectations. To help others with that format creates a lovely feeling in the body. Secondly, it is satisfying to deliver good results, but it also increases the chances of gaining continued confidence. I will benefit greatly from both Meramedia and any other workplaces in the future.