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Kim Nixon
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Kim Nixon

Published: 20 December 2017

Programme: International economy

Hello Kim. You are an alumni from the International Business Administration. Do you want to tell me a little about what you are working with today and what took you there?

For over two years, I am Project Manager in a business development team at H & M Digital Development. I am working on further developing our digital customer offer, and since then I have focused on customer experience in the form of new types of deliveries (such as fast Next Day Delivery) in many different markets. As a Project Manager, you combine all the different skills - global and local needs and wishes, analysis, design, logistics, external suppliers, testing and development, etc. My role is to make sure we have a plan that everyone knows what to do - and when to do it.

I have a solid background as just Project Leader, although it has not always been my formal title. I have perhaps, unknowingly, focused on companies offering services and / or digital products, and H & M Digital Development is a great workplace where I have the opportunity to apply incredibly much of the knowledge I collected over the years.

You've worked a lot in China in your career, what did you do there?

My first time in China was at Business Sweden (then Export Council) in Beijing. I started with a trainee service immediately after graduation, and then went on as Associate, and finally Market Consultant. In addition to supporting Swedish companies that would start, or already did, business with China, I was responsible for delegations that came to visit. My second time in China was at EF Education First in Shanghai. There I worked as Project Manager and Product Owner, focusing on cooperation with the Olympic Games - primarily Sochi and Rio. I was responsible for the whole of our delivery, and that the physical and digital language courses that would prepare the Olympic Committee, volunteers and, to some extent, athletes, had very high quality and yielded results.

The reason I ended up in China was enough because during study time I chose to study abroad on three occasions. Only one semester in Australia, since a semester in South Africa, and the last turn back to South Africa to write my master's thesis there in place. It was my semester in Australia that aroused the interest in just asian knowledge.

Have you benefited from your education in the work you have today?

The most important thing I received from my education at LTU was the diversity of reading an international program. The courses had a global perspective, and no semester was the other equal. However, I think it is important to get new impressions in the form of other cultures, insights and perspectives - something that foreign studies give. I remember that LTU had a good range of exchanges, but I think it's great to organize their foreign studies on their own (though higher costs).

What was the best thing about studying at Luleå University of Technology?

I felt that LTU was a flexible university, especially when I chose to study abroad on several occasions. That since there were very many foreign students, it was amazingly fun! I was also very fond of having one and the same class throughout the entire program. We became extremely good friends, and some of my absolute best friends today are just classmates from my program at LTU.

Do you have any career tips for students going to work?

Plenty! The first and most important thing is to believe in yourself, and to dare. Dare to go abroad. Dare to pull in strings to get in touch with the right person. Dare to try something new - have an open mind! If someone who reads this wants to bump ideas or ask questions about something that I have experience, please feel free to contact me, preferably via LinkedIn.

How do you look at the future, what are your plans?

The future is how exciting, I have plenty left to learn and do! The plan is to continue developing exciting services and customer experiences on H & M Digital Development. And of course, move abroad again - now with two children and men.