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Mattias Berggren
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Mattias Berggren

Published: 16 October 2017

Programme: Industrial Economics

Hi Mattias, you are an alumni from Industrial Economics. What was the best of your education and to study at Luleå University of Technology?

LTU I associate with - Community! The vast majority are influenced and everyone is contact-seeking and the community becomes hugely tight. Even today, when you are out of work, you always stop when you meet someone who has been on LTU. Among my best friends, I have met 90% of them in Luleå.

Industrial Economics was a great education for all of us who do not really know what we want to be but want to study. You read very widely and learn many different areas, which gives a broad and comprehensive knowledge that is difficult to get through other education.

What are you working with today and what's the best about your job?

I am currently a self-employed person and also have a role as Sweden Manager for a Worldwide Consultant Network (Expense Reduction Analysts). We help businesses look at savings within areas that they themselves do not have the time or knowledge to do themselves. Everything from telecom to logistics. Everything from analysis to cost savings, ie we do not deliver a desktop product. Here you can do everything from sales to project management as well as being an analyst.

The best thing about running your own business is freedom, the challenge is that you are happy to work too much.

What have you worked with before?

I did my degree in logistics and flow work on a company called Lensway. Then I continued in logistics at a company called Inflight Service. After several roles at Inflight Service (Operational Purchaser, Demand Manager, Business Controller) I ended up as Purchasing Manager for Indirect Material. It was in the role I found the opportunity to start my own business in order to make better on it.

Do you have any tips for students going to work?

All companies in Stockholm are now screaming for people with IT knowledge. It's really an important part to bring along. I think you should try to read some courses alongside this, even if you do not want to work with IT, I think it's good to understand to be able to lead IT people and have an overall understanding of how it works.

How do you look at the future, what happens next?

I will try to expand our network in Sweden from today's level when we are 7-8 people to be up to 25. We see a great demand for our services as experts in these areas that companies themselves do not have to look at.


By the way, I've become a mentor of a LTU girl who will be happy to follow. Seems to be a good initiative that LTU runs.