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Nina Rismalm
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Nina Rismalm - Communications Manager and Project Manager at Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce

Published: 29 June 2017

Programme: Business and Economics Programme, Master's Degree in Marketing

Hi Nina, you are an alumni from the Master of Economics. What was the best of your education?

I was very pleased to study at Luleå Technical University. There are great benefits to study in a smaller place with community and close collaboration between students and teachers. I was very involved in the Department of Economics, which led me to project management and also had many contacts with companies and organizations outside the school. It is very good that the education is so wide. This means that you do not limit yourself, but all doors are open and you can change your area of ​​work when you know it. I have definitely benefited from the education. Above all, I have been better at solving problems, I am more analyzing and better expressing myself in speech and writing. I really feel that I developed as a human being during my academic years.

What are you working with today and what's the best about your job?

Today I work at Norrbotten's Chamber of Commerce in Luleå as communications manager and project manager. To work with regional development, communication and collaboration with several contact areas at local, national and international level is something I've been passionate about. In my work gaining greater understanding and increasing my openness for people in the EU and in the rest of the world, is largely the reason I chose to work at Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce.

What have you worked with before?

I have always been drawn to work with an international link. Has previously worked at a German company in Germany called C & A, which is one of H & M's largest competitors in Europe. Then I moved to Stockholm and got work in a German group, Bosch Rexroth. For four years I worked as a senior assistant, communicator and project manager for fairs and events. Then I moved to Umeå where I worked for an organization that promoted foreign investment to Västerbotten, Västerbotten Investment Agency (VIA). There I was responsible for developing a strategy for the space brand "Northern Sweden" for the purpose of attending fairs and events in Europe and the United States. My job was also to recruit companies from northern Sweden to attend trade fairs and carry out selected events around the world.

Do you have any tips for students going to work?

There are many interesting jobs to seek and the advice I can give is that it is important that you are curious and dare to test different workplaces. After your education, you can work in many different companies and with varying tasks. As a civil economist you have a good trackboard to stand on and it is up to you what you want to do after your education. For those who want to work abroad after your education, I just say: Dare to take the opportunity to work in an international environment! Very instructive and interesting with different business cultures.

How do you look at the future, what happens next?

Now in the autumn we are expecting supplements in the family and it feels very exciting. But I would like to work a little during parental leave, depending on what child we will get and what its needs look like. I hope that's possible. At the Chamber of Commerce we have many exciting things going on and I would like to be part of our future.