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Malin Frenning
Malin Frenning, Swedens most powerful woman, took her MA at Lulea University of Technology. Photo: TeliaSonera View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Swedens most powerful woman is LTU alumni

Published: 24 March 2011

In 1986 the 19-year-old girl Malin Frenning from Sundsvall came to Lulea and Lulea University of Technology to study.

In the mid-1980s, Luleå University of Technology was the only university in Sweden, which offered the opportunity to supplement as of Malin Frennings case, a three-year Social Sciences at four-year technical training. She studied physics, math and chemistry.

- I am very happy today. The year of introduction gave me the opportunity to reflect on what direction I wanted. I then chose mechanical engineering education as it was the one who had the most closings and the possibility of combining economics and technology, "she says.

Malin Frenning loved it at Luleå University of Technology and several of her friends in mechanical engineering education is still 25 years later some of her closest friends. The whole gang meet regularly, at least twice a year.

- And then I met my husband, he was Luleåbo and now works in the pharmaceutical industry, "she says.

In addition to studies in mechanical engineering her master's degree includes Business Management. It was a combination that suited Malin Frenning perfect.

She is currently Head of Broadband Services at TeliaSonera, which means that she is responsible for billion investments. She has recently been chosen as Sweden's most powerful woman by Veckans Affärer. 

- There is a huge honorable appointment, I am proud, "she says.

Even today, at the top level of business where she is, she has direct practical benefit of his training from Luleå University.

- We learned good models and methods that are useful in business when it comes to getting the structure of numbers, information and content. This includes everything from the content of projects that bring together information on key decisions, "she says.

At Luleå University of Technology, she learned also a special model for fast reading. It was part of the Project and Leadership course.

- I usually mention that as something that I have with me from my education in Luleå. Speed ​​reading is to not move your eyes across the page, but you learn a method where you can read a text quickly by focusing the eyes and at once can see the big picture on one side, "she says.

During her student years, she was very involved in the Student Association, where she was president of the students' union a period, and she helped to corporatise Bokis and reconstructed Kårhus restaurant company. She recommends studies at Luleå University of Technology.

- I really enjoyed studying at Luleå university of Technology. It was a nice atmosphere and an advantage that it was not so great. After the lectures, it was easy to socialize since many live near each other, "she says.


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