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Liv Sandberg
Liv Sandberg

Education: master's degree in economics

Henrik Storm
Henrik Storm

Programme: MSc in Industrial Design

Peter Carlsson, Northvolt
Peter Carlsson

Programme: MSc in Business and Economics with specialisation in Production and Quality Management

Ulrica Sundqvist, Region Stockholm
Ulrica Sundqvist

Programme: Master's degree in Systems Science

Daniel Karlsson, SAAB
Daniel Carlsson

Programme: MSc Industrial Engineering and Management

Jonas Gustavsson is CEO of the engineering company Afry. He is also an alumni at LTU.
Jonas Gustavsson

Programme: Master degree in mechanical engineering

Anders Lindelöf
Anders Lindelöf

Programme: MSc in Civil Engineering with GIT specialization

Måns Borgström
Måns Borgström - CEO Storuman Energi

Programme: Master Programme in Business and Economics

Agneta Dahlgren
Agneta Dahlgren

Programme: MSc Industrial work environment

Emma Laiti
Emma Laiti

Programme: Health counselor

Andreas Larsson

Programme: MSc Industrial Engineering Technology & doctorate in Industrial Organization

Jakob Levander
Jakob Levander

Programme: Master Programme in Civil Engineering

Kim Nixon
Kim Nixon

Programme: International economy

Therese Malakow
Therese Malakow

Programme: Systems Sciences

Mattias Berggren
Mattias Berggren

Programme: Industrial Economics

Joel Forsberg
Joel Forsberg

Programme: Master of Business Administration

Nina Rismalm
Nina Rismalm

Programme: Business and Economics Programme, Master's Degree in Marketing

Tomas Karlsson

Programme: Master of Computer Science and Marketing

Jacob Berglund - alumn
Jacob Berglund

Programme: Industrial and Management Engineering

Per-Emil (4).jpg
Per-Emil Back

Programme: MSc in Mechanical Engineering

Oscar Skagerberg
Oscar Skagerberg

Programme: Bachelor of Arts in Acting

Photo: Lars Andersson
Frida Arvidsson

Programme: Production Designer

Photo: Privat
Tobias Ols

Programme in Specialist Nursing, Pre-hospital Emergency Care

Johanna Grimståhl is an LTU alumni
Johanna Grimståhl

Programme: Media Design

Photo: Lars Andersson
Jesper Kjölsrud

Programme: Computer Graphics

David Doms
David Doms

Programme: Industrial Design Engineering, product development

Jenny Nordstrom works as a consultant in energy efficiency at Rejlers Ingenjörer.
Jenny Nordström

Programme: Master of Science in Sustainable Energy

Maria Häll

Programme: Master of Computer Science

Photo: 3S Smart Software Solution
Katarina Willig

Programme: Industrial Design (equivalent to Industrial Design, Product Development)

Karin Ryberg

Programme: Space engineering, specializing in atmospheric physics and remote sensing

Malin Frenning is an alumni from LTU
Malin Frenning

Programme: Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering

Emelie Ekersund.JPG
Emelie Ekersund

Programme: Economics, specializing in marketing

Therese Petersson is an LTU alumni
Therese Petersson

Programme: Business Administration with specialization in industrial logistics

Niklas Österberg is LTU alumni
Niklas Österberg

Programme: International Marketing

Jens Kallin

Programme: Master in Industrial Design