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Liv Sandberg and Philip Engström are Alumni of the Year 2019

Published: 30 October 2019

Facebook's Head of Agency Liv Sandberg and Philip Engström, who has a successful career at the company Important Looking Pirates, have been named Alumni of the Year at Luleå University of Technology.

Alumni of the Year is an award to recognize the achievements of former students at Luleå University of Technology. The alumni of the year 2018 are Liv Sandberg and Philip Engström.

– I am very touched and grateful! The years at Luleå University of Technnology meant a lot to me. I hope to be able to provide inspiration to students who are studying there now, says Liv Sandberg, who graduated 1997 with a master's degree in business and economics.

She was born and raised in Gävle, but with her father from Töre and her mother from Luleå, the choice to study in Norrbotten was a way to get closer to the family roots.

She has a long career at the international media agency Starcom behind her. Since 2018 she's Facebook's Head of Agency in Sweden and Finland.

– My education from Luleå University of Technology has given me a good foundation to stand on. I had a fantastic time at the University, with good friendship and dedicated teachers. One of the teachers that has meant the most to me is Tim Foster. He helped me to start my career in the media agency world. I've stayed in touch with him over the years, says Liv Sandberg.

Honored with prestigious award

Philip Engström, originally from Norrtälje, graduated in 2016 from the University's programme in computer graphics (today visual arts and digital design). Since then he's been on a successfull career path at the Stockholm-based company Important Looking Pirates. Philip has been involved in making visual effects for films and TV series such as "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom", "Lost in Space", "Westworld" and "The Shallows". Earlier this year, Philip and his team were honored at the prestigious Visual Effects Society gala in Los Angeles.

– It was incredibly big, almost shocking. It was really a recognition for the whole team, says Philip Engström.

He looks forward to coming to Luleå and the Alumni of the Year award at Vetenskapens hus on November 5.

– Being named alumni of the year really came as a great surprise. 

The jury nominating this year's alumni includes representatives from Luleå University of Technology, Luleå Studentkår, Teknologkåren at Luleå University of Technology and LTU Business.

Motivations for the winners 2019:

"After graduating from Luleå University of Technology's Master Programme in Business and Economics, Liv Sandberg has had a very successful career. Today she is Head of Agency at Facebook in Sweden and Finland. Liv has also been CEO at Starcom in Sweden and Nordic Research and Planning Director at MTV Networks. She is a very worthy representative of alumni at Luleå University of Technology."

"Philip Engström has been on a successful career path since graduating from Luleå University of Technology's Bachelor Programme in Computer Computer Graphics. Today, he works as Lighting Supervisor at the company Important Looking Pirates in Stockholm. The work group to which Philip Engström belongs has been awarded at the annual Visual Effects Society (VES) gala in Los Angeles, where the industry selects the best visual effects of the year. Philip is a very worthy representative of alumni at Luleå University of Technology."


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