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What to consider before a job interview

Published: 20 September 2018

Job interviews are your chance to really show who you are professionally.

Read about the company before going to the interview. By doing this, you will be more familiar with the industry and what is expected of the professional role. Think about how you can best contribute your knowledge, past experience, transferable skills or personal characteristics to the job you are seeking.

The interview can be structured in various ways such as individual interviewsgroup interviewscase interviewsreviews and more. To prepare in the best way for your interview, ask in advance which type of interview will be conducted and who you will be meeting.

Think of what you convey through your clothing and through non-verbal cues. Remember to be polite and nice to everyone you meet at the company. If there are several who interview you, provide equal eye contact to each person, even those who don't seem to be actively listening.

It goes without saying that you should never speak badly about previous employers. It will always reflect poorly on you and the company will always side with the previous employer in thinking that you are the problem.

Studies have shown that those who are most successful at job interviews are those who listen as much as they talk and keep answers short. You can show interest by listening and asking questions about the job. It's perfectly fine to bring a list of questions with you to an interview.