Adventure Education?

Published: 23 May 2011

The purpose of adventure education

Adventure pedagogy is one way of looking at education and development from a holistic perspective, where knowledge of important issues and topics with the integrated health management, in a way that engages the whole person. The aim is to offer an exciting approach that ...

  • knowledge and the health of the heart,
  • creates opportunities to learn in a way that is meaningful and that creates a lot of commitment,
  • deals with existential issues and questions that are important to children and young people of today,
  • uses the outdoor environment and nature as an arena for experiences and learning.

Adventure methodology to provide knowledge ....

in different knowledge areas / subjects,

  • how I work and work very well in a group,
  • about how I function in new situations and in a group,
  • about how I learn (meta-learning).

... And development of health from a broad perspective:

  • Movement and physical activity - physical health
  • Outdoor access - physical health
  • Self-esteem is strengthened - Mental Health
  • Peer relationships strengthened - Psychosocial Health
  • Class cohesion is strengthened - Social Health