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Exam at Luleå university of technology

Degree of Master of Fine Arts in Music of (60 credits) - Major; Musical Performance

60 Credits, Second-cycle qualification


Musical Performance - Master of Arts 60 credits

The One-Year Master Programme in Music Performance is a one-year degree and consists of the specialisations Musician, Composition and Conducting. The programme provides you with th...

Programmes at Luleå university of technology

Master of Fine Arts (60 credits) in Music, Major Musical Performance

At Luleå University of Technology, a Degree of Master of Fine Arts (60 creduts) in Music, Musical Performance can be awarded a student who meets the requirements specified in the ...

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The qualification descriptor includes local and central requirements that must be met for a particular degree. In order to fulfill the course requirements a student can attend a programme or if no programme is offered take free standing courses that meets the requirements in the list of compulsory courses for the exam.