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Arrival Week and Orientation Week

In August the Orientation activities take place one week before the start of the semester.

In January the Orientation activities are in the afternoons and evenings of the first week of the semester.

For the students who have been admitted to Swedish for International Students 1, the course will start during Orientation Week. Hence, late arrivals will make it difficult to follow the course.

ESN Luleå organise an Arrival Week (which is taking place the week before orientation). During this week, all exchange students will be met at the airport, train station or bus station by a member of ESN Luleå, provided you have sent them your arrival details. Please use the arrival form you will be sent, and tell them your exact date and time of arrival. 

Academic Workshop

During Arrival Week and Orientation Week, the International Office is responsible for organising Academic Workshops. It is mandatory for all exchange students to attend at least one of them. These workshops deal with important information like course registration, exam registration and other important administrative issues that concern your studies.

LTU-card and User account

Upon your arrival you will have to get your LTU-card and User account for "My LTU". This is done at Service Point -  during Arrival Week and Orientation Week (times and dates will be announced later by your coordinator). If you arrive late, you will have to discuss this with your coordinator.