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What's the weather like in the north of Sweden?

Winters in Luleå are rather cold, with lots of snow. Summers are usually relatively warm. In autumn and spring there is occasional rain. Average temperature in Luleå in winter is about -15°C and in summer +18°C. The short but spectacular spring and autumn help to counterbalance the effect of the winter. During the summer it never gets dark, and the sun does not set at all for some time. During the darkest weeks of winter there are four hours of full daylight.

There are good opportunities for winter sports such as skating, hockey or cross-country skiing.


Since the weather is very cold you should bring supplies of warm clothing such as coats, sweaters, warm socks, long underwear etc. You will also need at least one pair of comfortable and warm boots or walking shoes as well as casual shoes.

You will find that Swedish students dress more formally for student occasions and events. If you would like to attend these events you should bring something more formal to wear, like a suit or a dress.