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Insurance and health care

Information about health care and travel insurances that you may need to arrange before your departure.

It is important that you obtain sufficient health (dental care included) and travel insurance in your home country. You will not be able to do this in Sweden.

EU citizens and citizens from countries with a mutual health agreement:
EU/EEA citizens and citizens from certain countries, which have a mutual health insurance agreement with Sweden, do have the right to the same medical benefits, even though they are non residents in Sweden. If you come from an EU/EEA country you are entitled to use the public medical services on the same basis as Swedish citizens for medical care that is of immediate necessity. In order to be eligible you must be registered at a social insurance office in your home country and have the European heath insurance card (EU-card).

Non-EU citizens:
If you are not an EU/EEA citizen, it is absolutely vital that you take out private health insurance before you come to Sweden. Swedish insurance offices are not able to give foreign citizens any kind of private health insurance.

All exchange students (ERASMUS, bilateral agreements, etc) at Lulea University of Technology are automatically insured via a group insurance - The Swedish State’s insurance for foreign students in Sweden (STUDENT IN). The insurance is free of charge for the student and applies twenty-four hours a day in Sweden. The insurance applies without deductibles. Please read the conditions and what it covers carefully. If you have further questions you can contact Maria Vyatkina.

If you prefer to buy an insurance of your own, that is of course still an option.

Medical check-up

As you will be staying in Sweden for some months we recommend having a medical check-up before you leave. If you use any medication, make sure that the prescriptions you will need during your stay are valid long enough so you can rely on medication that you are familiar with.


When entering Sweden, there are generally no vaccination requirements. Temporary regulations may sometimes apply to travellers from specific countries.