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Adam Stancik
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Adam Stancik

Published: 4 June 2013

"If you ask me what's the best with Luleå University of Technology I would say the people, the students, resting points and school's openings hours."

Age: 24
Education: Design and English
From: Brno, Czech Republic

I decided to study at Luleå University of Technology because I always wanted to visit Scandinavia. I also had heard about the Swedish education system and wanted to try it. It's great studying at Luleå University of Technology.

There is more focus on practical work and I really like “learning by doing”. The teachers are really friendly and easy to get in touch with. If you ask me what the best part of Luleå University of Technology is, I would say it's the people, the students, resting points and the school's openings hours.

And in Sweden they have two periods in one semester so I can focus on two to three courses. The best winter activity is dogsledding, snowboarding and snowball fighting.