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How to plan your studies at LTU

Published: 20 February 2018

Most courses are offered once a year and a few courses are offered every semester. Not all courses are of the same duration. Some courses last the entire semester; others are 10 weeks long. In general, students at Luleå University of Technology study two subjects each quarter. Most courses are just one quarter in length. If the course is 15 or 30 credits it can cover two quarters.

With your application you must attach a realistic study plan, therefore it is very important that you acquaint yourself with the different quarters (1-4) of the courses that you wish to apply for.

To make sure that the courses within the engineering programmes do not interfere with one another, you must check in what quarter the courses are offered and then make sure that they are not in the same module (modules rule time tables).

Swedish for Beginners 1A is offered during Orientation in August,  in September in Quarter 1 and in January in Quarter 3.

Your Proposed Study Plan/Learning Agreement must include: course code, course title, number of Swedish credits and/or ECTS credits, and your priorities for the courses.

Your first priority course(s) should amount to 30 Swedish credits or 30 ECTS credits per semester. As substitutes, choose course(s) that you wish to apply for in case your first choice course(s) is/are not available.

If you apply for courses with specific prerequisites it is also very important that you fulfil these and that you send, together with your application, official course descriptions of those courses you have taken and/or are going to take that are relevant for the courses you apply for at Luleå University of Technology. These descriptions should include names of the courses, number of credits, contents and prerequisites. They are absolutely crucial for the host department to be able to make an evaluation of your previous studies within the discipline.

Students with good command of the Swedish language can apply for courses offered in Swedish.