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The Swedish Credit System

Published: 20 February 2018

In Sweden, academic achievement is measured according to the Swedish credit system.

One and a half Swedish credit equals one week of full-time studies. Thus, after one semester of successful full-time study (passing the examinations) the student obtains 30 Swedish credits.

The Swedish Credit System equals the ECTS credits. 

Course credit (Swedish system)

Swedish universities have a system of credit points for studies on the undergraduate and graduate levels. One and a half point corresponds to one week of full-time studies, which for the student means approximately 40 study hours per week, although the number of lectures and classes varies. One academic term comprises 20 weeks = 30 hp/ECTS credits. One academic year (40 study weeks) of successfully completed full-time studies gives 60 hp/ECTS credits.

ECTS grades replaced by ECTS Grading Table (EGT)

With the ECTS Users’ Guide 2009 the ECTS scale was abolished, since it had proved to be difficult to implement and therefore had not been generally accepted. It was replaced by the ECTS Grading Table (EGT), which is a table presenting the distribution of the national/local grades.

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