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Thinking about whether Luleå University of Technology is right for you? Choosing the right university is a difficult—but important—choice. A choice that only you can make. Come for a visit and form your own opinion. Welcome!

Check out your campus!

Get a taste of where you will soon be studying, having coffee and hanging out!

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Study visit to Luleå University of Technology

Do you want to know more about the university and our educational offer? Welcome to study visits.

We try to adapt your study visit to your wishes. For example, do you want information about a specific education or a more comprehensive presentation of different areas of education? Book a study visit to one of our campus locations via the registration form below.

Travel or accommodation allowance is not paid for study visits.

Please register your interest in a study visit no later than 30 days before the intended visit date.

We're visiting you

Do you not have the opportunity to visit us at Luleå University of Technology? Then we can visit you!

Our students have the opportunity to visit your school and tell more about the university, their education and travel to higher education. It is also possible to book a digital visit.

Register your interest below, write which day you want to visit and we will get in touch!