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Combine elite sports with studies

Are you a top-level athlete and want to combine your practise and competition with academic studies? As an elite sport-friendly university, Luleå University of Technology welcomes you.

RF Elite sports friendly college
Photo: Petra Älvstrand
Elite sport-friendly university

The Swedish Sports Federation has appointed Luleå University of Technology to an elite sport-friendly university 2020-2022. This means that we provide support to top-level athletes in their dual careers; academic studies and elite sports. On this page is more information about who can become an elite athlete student.

Photo: Simon Eliasson
New ski and snow lab aims to generate Swedish medals

Luleå University of Technology and The Swedish Olympic Committee (SOC) initiate a collaboration on technical research for performance development in sports. – In a first step, we create a new innovative and dynamic ski and snow lab to produce the world's fastest skis, says HC Holmberg, SOC's head of research and development and new adjunct professor at Luleå University of Technology.

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