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Here people from all over Sweden and the world meet

Our students say that we are a university with a real community. Here people from all over Sweden and the world meet. Nearly 70 percent of all students who start studying with us come from places outside the region. Most have moved far away from home and quickly make new friends. We help you get to know the university and get into life as a student. Warm welcome!

camilla åsberg
"You make a lot of like-minded friends"

Camilla Åsberg studies Higher Education Diploma Programme in the Built Environment

Andreas Larsson Hammarlund 2
"You can work with almost anything"

Andreas Larsson Hammarlund, studying to be a nurse.

Felicia Johansson - Architecture at Luleå University of Technology Photo: Privat
"I want to work with sustainability and digitization"

Felicia Johansson is studying architecture

Oliver Davidsson
"Our teachers are very committed"

This article in Swedish only.

Photo: Petra Älvstrand
Ready to become civil engineers

Marion Arinka and Lisa Gren, students in engineering

Marcus Nilsson
"It is very exciting with all the investments in the north"

Marcus Nilsson, Master of Science in Engineering from Skellefteå

My student trip

Meet our students and hear more about why they chose to study at Luleå University of Technology. We meet them in our RailArena, at the ski tracks and on campus.

Öppen studieyta
The study environment

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