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Marion Arinka and Lisa Gren both hope that more girls will choose to become civil engineers. Photo: Petra Älvstrand View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Ready to become civil engineers

Published: 6 November 2020

They attend various master's degree programs. Marion Arinka has almost one year left on the Master Programme in Industrial Design Engineering and Lisa Gren is in her second year on Master Programme in Natural Resources Engineering. They both hope that more women will choose to study for a master's degree in civil engineering. – It is fun and exciting, there is a wide range of areas that you can work within, they say.

Both are involved in the non-profit association Pepp, which aims to get more women intressted an a career within engineering.
- We arrange meetings with girls in high school and they get a female mentor
who is pursuing a master's degree in engineering at Luleå University of Technology, says Marion Arinka, project manager for Pepp in Luleå. Lisa Gren, who is deputy project manager, says that they invite to events where women from different workplaces participate to talk about what engineering really is and what engineers do.

They think that young girls have some knowledge of what a civil engineer is and the different fields within the programmes. - It is a five-year education but you do not have to be Einstein to succeed.  - It's so much fun to be here at Luleå University of Technology, so time will fly, says Lisa Gren. She aims to continue with her studies specialazing in environment and water in year 3. - I like that both practice and theory are included in the education, it is a good mix. You can quickly apply the theory, says Marion Arinka.