Refund of the tuition fee

Refund of the tuition fee for a semester that has already commenced is not possible except in the cases stated below.

Absence of residence permit

Students who have paid tuition fees, but are not granted a residence permit in Sweden, and for whom the admissions procedure is interrupted, are entitled to recover all the tuition fees paid excluding bank charges.

Early withdrawal

Students in degree programmes who withdraw from their studies before 1 October/1 March in their first semester are entitled to a refund of half of the tuition fees paid, excluding bank charges, regardless of the reason for withdrawal.

Application for refund is submitted to a study adviser, which after preparation is submitted to the Financial Manager for a decision.

Special grounds

In the event of serious illness or death with regard to the student, the student's partner or member of the immediate family, it is possible to apply for a refund of tuition fees for the semester that has already commenced.

Application for a refund of tuition fees, including accompanying documentation, must be submitted in writing to a study adviser for preparation. Decisions are made by the Financial Manager. The extent of the refund will then amount to a sum equivalent to the unused portion of the semester fee paid.

Credited courses

Students in a degree programme who have been granted credit transfers from courses at another higher education institution as part of their education at Luleå University of Technology are entitled to a refund of tuition fees to an extent equivalent to the credited courses.

Applying for a refund

Fill in the form below and send it and any supporting documents to