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Payment of tuition fees

Payment procedures

Tuition fees shall be paid on a semester basis on one occasion. Instalments or annual payments are not possible.

Payment of tuition fees is made, after receiving notification, on the university's website ( using the charge cards MasterCard/Visa or to the university's bank account.

Payment deadlines

Applicant students

Payment of tuition fees in connection with application to a degree programme or course shall be made no later than three weeks after notification of the autumn or spring admission decision.

Where the applicant's tuition fees are to be paid off in the form of stipends or by other means directly to the university, a payment period of 30 days may be considered.

Active students

Active students in degree programmes shall make payment of tuition fees no later than five days before the start of the autumn or spring semester.

Payment reminders

If the payment of tuition fees is not completed on time, a payment reminder will be issued immediately after the due date, comprising a payment period of one week.

Effect of non-payment

Applicant students - lost place

Applicants for degree programmes or courses who have not paid the tuition fee on time will lose their place.

Active students - suspension

Those who have been admitted to and commenced a degree programme or course, and have not paid the tuition fee within one week of a reminder, will be suspended from that education through a decision by the Financial Manager. In such cases, the reminder shall contain a statement that suspension will be considered if the fee is not paid on time.

Decisions on the suspension of a student who has not paid the tuition fee take effect immediately and are in force until full payment is made. Suspension due to late payment does not confer the right to a reduced fee.