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Seven reasons to study in the north!

Published: 22 December 2022

There are many good reasons to choose an education at Sweden's northernmost technical university. You may have heard that there is a lot going on in northern Sweden, we have cities that are planning for growth, industries that are going green and a fantastic nature that you can experience at all our campus locations!

Seven reasons to study at our campus locations in Luleå, Skellefteå, Piteå or Kiruna:

1. Close to everything! At all of our campus locations, you are close to everything you need. Just as quickly, you can walk or cycle within our university campuses between your accommodation to your friends, the union, the gym and the university. By bicycle or local transport, you can easily get to the center where you will find the range of shops, restaurants and cultural life.

2. Community and closeness between students and teachers. Many of our students move to our campus locations, sometimes quite far away. This means that we have a strong community among all students. Our teachers are here for you - you can knock on their office and get answers to your questions.

3. Student life! Here you create memories for a lifetime. Organize the school's best parties, go on ski trips or build rockets - there's something for everyone. Our campuses accommodate many students and so many fun activities that you will be forced to prioritize. Right from your first week, there are podiatrists on hand to help you settle in, both on and off campus.

4. The snow is in the north! Winter in the north is synonymous with snow, often in large quantities. The snow lights up in midwinter and embeds the entire landscape in a billowing white blanket. Ski tracks and slopes are open all season, and on Luleå's archipelago glaciers, car roads and ice rinks are plowed up. If you only have a solid winter jacket and good shoes, you'll get through the winter just fine.

5. Sunny summers and adventures around the corner!

Did you know that Luleå has topped the sun league several years in a row? This means that we have many sunny hours during the summer. Kiruna offers midnight sun and beautiful mountain scenery, Luleå offers a fantastic archipelago with 1312 islands, Skellefteå offers many fun summer activities and experiences, Piteå is a nice summer town with many cultural experiences and events.

6. Cooperation with your future employers! Thanks to our collaboration and a large network of companies, you as a student have the opportunity for sharp project courses and an education that is closely linked to the needs of the business world. The company contacts also act as mentors and can help with both ex-jobs, summer jobs, internships and jobs after the education.

7. The green transition is happening here! Right now, almost unimaginably large investments are being made - over a thousand billion kroner over the next 10-20 years in northern Sweden. Here you are part of the green transition and as a student you have great opportunities to work on sharp projects with world-leading companies. Our sustainable educations are specially adapted to meet the needs of the global labor market. Here you really make a difference!