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Photo: Emelie Otterbeck
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From graduation to Silicon Valley

Published: 12 November 2020

Gabriel Granström's studies at Luleå University of Technology finalized with a degree project for Volvo. It was a ticket across the Atlantic that opened up opportunities to stay and work in Silicon Valley.

– My studypartner Marie Amann found out that Volvo wanted to start a business in Silicon Valley and we saw our opportunity to sell our thesis idea. Their answer to our idea was - When are you coming? says Gabriel Granström, who studied the Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineering.

The degree project didn't just give him good grades it also started his interest for a career outside Sweden. Immediately after graduation, he applied for, and received in tough competition an educational scholarship with placement at Vinnova's operations at Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley in California.

- I acted as a resource for Nordic companies, mainly startups, and connected them with the right people in the ecosystem to be able to develop their business further.

He enjoyed his ten months in the tech city. - The best thing is all the people I have met, that I got the chance to build a great network. I have also gained a different understanding of the future. It's exciting to see where it's going. Maybe you can get involved and predict and influence what will happen.

This summer, Gabriel returned to Sweden, with the plan to start his own company and consult in business development. He would like to work with innovations in some form, but a research career also attracts.

- Internationally, a doctoral degree is a big hit and a doctoral degree may be a necessity, mainly in the USA.

He has already chosen the research topic.

- Open innovation.

Gabriel has bright memories from his years as a student at Luleå University of Technology. He describes it as a time in life when he got to know himself and grew and developed as a person.

- Then the cohesion between us students was wonderful, I made friends for life. Many of the contacts you make you have for life. I would say that the study time was perfect!