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Photo: Tomas Bergman
Andreas Almqvist, Professor of Machine Elements at Luleå University of Technology, has been selected by the Swedish Olympic Committee for a new two-year development program. Photo: Tomas Bergman View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Ski researcher selected by the Swedish Olympic Committee

Published: 17 August 2021

The Swedish Olympic Committee, SOK, continues its investment in research and education by identifying and providing support to six strong Swedish sports researchers. Andreas Almqvist, professor of Machine Elements at Luleå University of Technology, is one of them, and together with SOK and the national waxing team, he is now aiming at developing the world's fastest ski for the Olympic Games in Beijing 2022.

– I am involved in a very exciting development process to establish a leading research- and educational environment for elite sports at Luleå University of Technology, where we connect technology, sports science, movement analysis and work physiology. A combination of performance and sports technology can help elevate Olympic performance sports. This is given a lot of attention internationally, and now we will take another important development step forward, Andreas Almqvist says.

A groundbreaking initiative

The research team at Luleå University of Technology already has several projects ongoing, where they aim to understand how the ski's span, stiffness, grinding structure, waxing and rilling, affect the glide for different types of snow but also how to optimize the equipment such as ski, binding, boot, ski pole, clothes, in relation to the active. The initiative is groundbreaking and benefits from the many years of experience and expertise in tribology, optical measurement methods, polymeric materials and snow that are available at Luleå University of Technology, which is unique in a sports research context.

– This investment means a lot for Luleå University of Technology, and it is an essential building block in our collaboration with SOK with the goal of developing the world's fastest skis, Roland Larsson says, Professor of Machine Elements at Luleå University of Technology and active in The ski- and snow lab at Luleå University of Technology.

For the benefit of SOK's Top and Talent Program

From the autumn of 2021, the researchers selected by SOK will be part of a new two-year development program within the framework of the Olympisk Offensiv initiative, supporting future leaders in activity-related research and performance sports. The goal is to intensify the interaction in the R&D work for the benefit of coaches and active members within SOK's Top and Talent Program. The development program includes the following elements: a specially adapted leadership training, interdisciplinary exchange with leading researchers, collaboration with coaches for active members of SOK's Top and Talent Program.

– A strong research and development program directly connected to sports will contribute to increased competence, new technology and improved forms of training models in the daily training routines of our athletes. A result of this will be new championship medals for Sweden, Joakim Abrahamsson says, Sports Manager at Luleå University of Technology

The researchers in the Olympic Offensiv initiative

The first six sports researchers who will have the opportunity to participate in the development program within the Olympic Offensiv initiative are Associate Professor Filip Larsen, The Swedish School of Sports and Health Sciences: Physiology-Muscle / Nutrition, Associate Professor Katarina Steding-Ehrenborg, Lund University: Physiology-Heart, Associate Professor Anna Melin, Linnaeus University: Nutrition-Health, Associate Professor Eric Hamrin Senorski, Sahlgrenska Academy / University of Gothenburg: Sports Medicine-Physiotherapy, Professor Carl-Johan Boraxbekk - Umeå University / University of Copenhagen: Cognitive Neuroscience-brain and Professor Andreas Almqvist, Luleå University of Technology: Technology-materials / equipment.