Published: 14 February 2018

Stil Football welcomes all members to play ball with us. We play at least once a week in Porsöhallen. Occasionally, extra training times also appear, keep an eye on them via our facebook page. We have mixed sessions for both girls and boys, suitable for beginners and those who are a bit better.

Series (selected teams)

Piteå IF (Ladies All Swedish, Mr. Div 2)
Luleå AFC (lady div 1)
Alvik's IK (lady dvi 1, mr div 4)
Skellefteå FF (Mr. Div 1)
Sunnanå SK (dam div 1)
IFK Luleå (Mr. Div 2)
Bodens BK (Mr. Div 2)
Kiruna FF (dam div 2 mr div 3)
Bergnäsets AIK (Mr. Div 3)
Notvikens IK (Mr. Div 3)
Lira BK (dam div 3, mr div 4)