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Published: 16 November 2020

Style Football welcomes all members to play ball with us. Style Futsal greets all members with at least section cards to play futsal. We have a women's team and a mixed team, read more about each team in the menu at the top left.

Series (selected teams)

Piteå IF (Women's Allsvenskan, Men's div 2)
Luleå AFC (Women's div 1)
Alvik's IK (Women's div 3, Men's div 4)
Skellefteå FF (Women's div 3, Men's div 2)
Sunnanå SK (Women's Elitettan, Men's div 3)
IFK Luleå (Men's div 1)
Bodens BK (Men's div 2)
Kiruna FF (Women's div 2, Men's div 3)
Bergnäsets AIK (Women's div 4, Men's div 3)
Notvikens IK (Women's div 1, Men's div 2)
Lira BK (Women's div 2, Men's div 4)