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Hockey unites exchange students

Published: 23 December 2014

Being a student is both about studies and to have fun. A good example of the latter is when exchange students at the university get together to play hockey. The end of this term got an extra spice when the students got to play a match against Luleå Hockey's development team for the ladies.

Robin Andersson, a doctoral student in Fluid Mechanics at Luleå University of Technology, is the coach for Luleå Foreign Hockey Legion, a team with mostly exchange students but also some graduate students. The team trains twice a week and Robin plans the training sessions so that it will fit everyone.

– It is great to see how the inexperienced players will develop in one season. The mix between novice and experienced players in the team is very nice and we have a good friendship in the team, says Robin Andersson.

Fun closing of the season

– I have long dreamed of a match as a fun end to the season. I contacted a few teams and I was glad to get a response from Luleå Hockey's development team for ladies. The match was a success and it was a great atmosphere on the ice and in the stands, says Robin Andersson.

Two of the exchange students who played the game were Stephanie Robertson of Horseheads in the US and Sebastian Eller from Wedel in Germany.

Nervous before the game

– We were both nervous and excited before the game, especially those of us that are new to hockey. It was an even match in the first period, and in the second we started playing like we do in training. It was a great atmosphere and many of our friends came to cheer for us, while also laughing when the opponents skated in circles around us. I really appreciate that we got to meet the girls from Luleå Hockey, hopefully they want to meet us more times, says Stephanie Robertson.

– It was a tight game and the atmosphere was very good. I have played with the team for six months and it's great fun to play with other exchange students. It is a team with a lot of humor and the coaches are good. I can really recommend other exchange students to try it, says Sebastian Eller.

How the match went can be seen in the slideshow.

The photos in the slideshow were taken by Ravilj Adel Brunn and Joel Ryberg.


Robin Andersson

Robin Andersson, Postdoctoral position

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