Viktor Mäenpää combines long distance skiing and studies

Published: 28 November 2019

Viktor Mäenpää is one of Finland's top long distance skiers – and a student at Luleå University of Technology's Higher Education Diploma Programme in Works Management in Civil Engineering.

– It works out great. Tthe teachers are accommodating, says 25-year-old Viktor Mäenpää, who's from Jakobstad in Finland.

The well-groomed tracks in the Ormberget outdoor area are close to campus in Luleå and the winters are long and snow-safe.

– It is very positive that the snow season is so long.

Viktor studies Luleå University of Technology's three-year Higher Education Diploma Programme in Works Management in Civil Engineering; an education that is conducted in close collaboration with companies in the industry. Although he is away for periods at training camps and competitions around Europe, it is possible to combine studies and elite efforts. A prerequisite is that the teachers are understanding, he says.

Wants to welcome more skiers to Luleå

Viktor Mäenpää competes in the long distance skiing championship, Visma Ski Classics, for Finnish Team Mäenpää – Finland's best long-distance team. He finished in 24th place in Vasaloppet 2020. Last year he came in 15th place in the 50 kilometer long Jizerská Padesátka race in the Czech Republic and in 21st place in Ylläs-Levi in Finland. 

– I have no specific placement goals but aim to be an offensive skier, but I hope and think I can take a step closer to the absolute top in Visma Ski Classics, he says, adding:
– It would be great to welcome more elite skiers to Luleå.