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Fill out your bucket list

In the north, there are fantastic opportunities to discover new places and create memories for life. Nature is directly adjacent to the campus and we can promise you real winters with lots of snow. As a student at Luleå University of Technology, you can discover the adventure a couple of pole vaults or hiking steps outside the door at all our university locations. Ski trips, student associations, ice baths, studies abroad - what do you check off on your bucket list during your time as a student?

Camilla Åsberg
On Camilla's bucket list

Top three for Camilla Åsberg, student from Lerum : • Visit Storforsen, the Nordic region's largest rapids • Take a winter bathe • Photograph northern lights.

Marcus Nilsson
On Marcus' bucket list

Top three for Marcus Nilsson, student from Skellefteå: • Join a student association • Take a winter bathe • Experience Luleå archipelago, both during summer and winter

On Ahin's bucket list

Top three for Ahin Mezuri student from Sandviken: • Watch Storforsen, the Nordic region's largest rapids • Study abroad • Discover the mountains / snowboard / ski


Our tips - which ones do you choose?

✔ Read an education that make future dreams come true
✔ Enjoy  real winter
✔ Take a winter bathe
✔ Visit Swedens first modern shopping mall
✔ Paddle sup board in the midnight sun
✔ Go on a ski trip
✔ Join a student association
✔ Hang out with friends on the ice road
✔ Do thesis work for sustainable development
✔ Take a picture northern lights
✔ Visit the largest rapid in the Nordic region - Storforsen
✔ Take part in a student dinner party 
✔ Discover the mountains
✔ Ride a sauna raft
✔Visit the world's only paltzeria
✔ Ice skate to an archipelago island
✔ Make friends from all over Sweden and the world
✔ Visit Sara culture house one of Europe's tallest wooden houses
✔ Make business contacts
✔ Visit a research lab

More tips on Instagram

On #myltubucketlist on Instagram, students, researchers and others around nearby, suggest what you as a student can discover during your studies at Scandinavia's northernmost technical university. Remember to tag when you start filling in your own bucket.


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Student TV
Get involved!

Get to know other students, make new contacts and have a great student life.

Student Sports

The place to be if you are interested in sports and training.

På isvägen
The simple outdoor-life

Sometimes you want to make it easy for yourself, just lace up the shoes and head out. Take a day trip along any of Skellefteå

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"For those who like nature and outdoor life, Luleå University of Technology is perfect"

There are many places to visit both for spontaneous day / evening trips or for a longer weekend, says Marcus Planting-Gyllenbåga.

Luleå on ice 2017
Magnificent archipelago experiences

There are few activities that are as calming as to venture out to the sea, whether you do it with a pair of ice skates, in a sea kayak or on new skis. The Archipelago and its thousands of islands outside of Luleå, Piteå and Skellefteå offer activities and adventures all year round.