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Aktivt föreningsliv
David Röhr, Saskia Kuhlins and Petter Sandgren. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Active leisure provides friends for life

Published: 21 November 2019

During the study period you will not only gain new knowledge but also new friends and experiences. For many students, the journey begins with commitment to one of the university's many student associations.

Three examples of this are the students Saskia Kuhlins, David Röhr and Petter Sandgren who found fellowship and friends in the association Lulespexet.

– My social network at the university completely exploded after I joined the spex, says Petter Sandgren and the spex colleague David Röhr emphasizes the importance of the social aspect of the association life.

– It is the community that is most important in participating in a student association. When you go to university on a Monday in December and only meet happy faces that you recognize, it makes the whole day so much better.

Joy and energy

At Luleå University of Technology there are more than 20 student associations in everything from sports and outdoor life to student radio and choir singing. As a new student, it is a great way to create new networks at the study site. It may even be helpful with the studies.

– Periodically it can be intense with the studies and then it is very nice to take a break with the spec. If there is nothing in addition to the studies, I think you will find it difficult to find joy and energy to plug, says Petter Sandgren.

Developing commitment

When Saskia, David, and Petter began their studies, there were no thoughts of joining a spex association, and none of them had previous experience of acting.

– For me, it was really the little country that attracted but without really knowing how it happened I ended up on the stage and it has been extremely evolving. For example, I am much more relaxed when I present projects to the class now, says Saskia Kuhlins.