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Markoolio på STUK
STUK is the students' own night club and one of Luleå's best live scenes. Here you hang out well into the night and meet people from all over Sweden and the world. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Party and relax

When lectures and exam studies are over for the day, the other student life begins. At the students own night clubs you will meet students from different programs and parts of the country and the world. You will meet your first friends at the beginning of your studies.


STUK is the students' own night out at the university. Here you can eat well at the restaurant, have a beer at the pub or spoon on the dance floor. Here everything happens from gigs and After School to club nights.


The brand new section room is your extended living room where you can relax, recharge your batteries and feel the creativity flow. Here you can also take part in recurring cultural events and union activities organized by the Piteå Student Section.


In the university area you will find Traversen, the students' own pub. Here you can party, dance, sing karaoke and play pool.


The SLUSK student association organizes parties a couple of times a month. They also have other activities such as gaming evenings and competitions.

From the semi-final in Piteå by mellospexe SMASK involving all of Sweden's music colleges.
Dans på STUK
Vinterfestival i Måttsund
Togetherness at Winter Festival in Måttsund.
Tjejer på universitetsområdet
Studenter i Riksgränsen
Nice brake in Riksgränsen.