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Markoolio på STUK
STUK is the students' own night club and one of Luleå's best live scenes. Here you hang out well into the night and meet people from all over Sweden and the world. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Student life – find your favorites

Be creative, be dramatic, or just be yourself. There are lots of options to choose from.


With our own Music academy and several student associations for those interested in music, there is something for most people who want to do music.

... but first coffee

Is the coffee in the center when you hang out? Then you have several choices. In Luleå you can look at Unika Boxen for a vegan latte or STUK if you prefer simple coffee. In Piteå you will find espresso at 2Kök.


In the middle of the university area in Luleå you will find STUK which arranges events and live shows. In addition, it is Luleå's largest nightclub.

Outdoor life

You don't have to look far for magical sunsets, relaxing archipelago walks and hikes. If you want company on the tour, you must sign up for one of all the excursions that the outdoor section, StiL Frilufts, arranges. In their outings, you will find experiences that range from a few hours to several days out in nature.


Without having to move far from the university area, you can reach Luleå's widest range of training and wellness via My Life's style. Whether you prefer individual, team or group training, you will find it here.

From the semi-final in Piteå by mellospexe SMASK involving all of Sweden's music colleges.
Tjejer på universitetsområdet
Studenter i Riksgränsen
Nice brake in Riksgränsen.
Dans på STUK